Online Consultations

Please click on the image to complete an Online Consultation form

The response time for Online Consultations is within 48 hours

If you have an URGENT medical issue please call the practice to discuss with a receptionist

Routine Appointments

  • Book an appointment online via the link at the top of this page
  • Use an online form to request an appointment. We will respond within 48 hours when we are open. 
  • Phone us Monday to Friday from 8am
  • Visit the surgery and speak with a receptionist.

You will be contacted by a GP and they will listen to your concerns and ask about your symptoms. Together you will decide what to do next. This may involve:

  • Video consultation (same day)
  • Face to Face consultation (same day)
  • Sending photographs via secure text message /email to enable diagnosis and management over the phone (same day)

Where possible you can book with the GP of your choice. Please refer to the list of days that each Doctor works

Time to talk

Patients with more than two long term conditions may be offered an extended consultation with a doctor, nurse or pharmacist.  If you are offered one of these appointments you may find the prompt sheet below useful.

Time to Talk Prompt Sheet

Urgent Appointments

Duty Doctor service- for when you have an urgent medical need

To make it easier for you to get the right help when you need it urgently we are offering a Duty Doctor Service in this practice. Duty Doctor is in place from 8.00am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

When you phone with an urgent problem, the Duty Doctor will ring you back within 2 hours and will decide the best way to help you. The doctor may:

  • Give you advice straight away over the phone
  • Arrange for you to come into the practice to see a doctor or nurse or other member of staff
  • Arrange for a home visit if you are not well enough to come to the surgery and the doctor thinks you need to be seen
  • Direct you towards other services which can help

If you need urgent medical advice for you or someone you care for, please call the practice on our usual number and ask the reception team about speaking to the Duty Doctor. They will ask you a few questions and if they decide the duty doctor is the right person to help they will arrange for them to call you back WITHIN 2 HOURS.

This service offers you quick access to your GP practice, where they know you and have your full medical record. We recommend this service instead of going to A&E.


Please note this is NOT an EMERGENCY SERVICE. In the event of severe/life threatening injury or illness such as severe chest pain/ difficulty breathing, please call 999

Doctors Usual Working Days


















Dr Liam Barker






Dr Laurence Blumberg







Dr Sam Burden






Dr Claire Humphreys







Dr Harriet Mitchell







Dr Rajpreet Kalsi





Dr Diana Wheeler








Dr Chrissie Coe





Dr Imad Mekhail







Home Visits

If possible please try to telephone reception before 10am if you require a home visit.

A doctor or nurse may phone you back to find out more about your symptoms and check a home visit is needed.

Home visits are only available for patients who are housebound because of illness or disability.

If you are very unwell with severe or life threatening symptoms such as difficulty breathing or severe chest pain, please call 999.

Cancelling or changing an appointment

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel an appointment in order that we can give the slot to someone else.

You can also complete our appointment cancellation notification request form. This can only be used if your appointment has been arranged for more than 24 hours in advance (excluding weekends and public holidays). You can also text to cancel your appointment.

If you need help when we are closed

If you require urgent medical advice outside of the practice opening hours, please call 111 who will be able to direct you to the appropriate service.

If you are having breathing difficulties, chest pain or any other life threatening emergency please call 999.

If you need help with your appointment

Please tell us:

  • If there’s a specific doctor, nurse or other health professional you would prefer to respond
  • If you would prefer to consult with the doctor or nurse by phone, face-to-face, by video call or by text or email
  • If you need an interpreter
  • If you have any other access or communication needs

Text Reminder Service

We have a texting service which allows you to receive confirmation and reminders about your appointments.

Please remember to update your contact details with us when you change address, telephone numbers and email address.


Extended Hours

Evening & Weekend Appointments - Extended Access

Evening and weekend appointments are now available for our patients, in addition to our normal opening hours of 8am to 6.30pm.

These evening and weekend appointments may take place by phone, video, or face-to-face depending on your clinical need.

You may be offered an appointment at your GP practice, another local GP practice or another local NHS service.  This is because we are working with other local GP practices to provide these appointments - our practice is part of a small group of practices called a Primary Care Network. This group of practices works together in a number of ways to deliver services in your area.